Zhang Yuhao born in ShaoXing city in 1992.

2013-2014, studied in the Central Saint Martins collage of art and design of graduate diploma in fashion.

During the period of studying, working for Alexander Mcqueen textile design project and provide design technology of fabric.

2014,He selected by the VOGUE ITALY as one of the VOGUE TALENTS.

2015, He start to doing women’s wear collection in own label.

His collection has been released in shanghai fashion week for two seasons until now, and also featured in publicities like Harper’s Bazaar,

WGSN, Vogue, ELLE and so on.




The brand of ZHANG YUHAO, the same name of the designer, was founded in 2014 in Shanghai. It released the first women spring and summer collection in 2015.

Pulling away from the crowd and still living in the mainstream is a kind of spirit of life the brand tends to convey. Influenced by the poetry of

Obscurity Poetry Faction and alternative rock, the brand is committed to express men and women who are romantic, natural and unrestrained,

at the same time, a little rebellious and virtuous. Wherever they are, they always keep a pure simple life state and wear comfortable although

a bit slovenly. They might pass you by at the corner of the street, blurred like a smoke that might disappear in a flash. They could be anyone,

like a lost teenager standing in front of the booth, a drunk lady going downstairs or a singer going to sing on the stage.

Therefore, on the design presentation, the mixture of rigid handsomeness and soft romantic elegance offers a new style for clothes matching

and break the gender confinement. Wearing itself is no longer the shackle and purpose. It is the natural choice of lifestyle and state.